Moving to the Middle East - Yallah

I never thought I would move to the Middle East. I loved too much being close to my family and friends and the idea of being far from them sounded just awful to me. But then I had the desire to move my routine. At 25 we want to change the world and we want to do it now. We are impatient and super optimist (even if we complain a lot). Maybe a little too much. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. And guess what? It's fucking harder than I thought. But in the same time It allows me to work for myself and I started giving more sense to my work and daily life.

Mum is French, Dad is Persian so after 26 years in France I wanted to experience the Orientalism part of me. I hate Politics and the only thing that I know is Fashion. In a world directed by Images, appearance and the time passing faster and faster, it's important to not get lost and stay on the earth. I have always heard that Fashion is the mirror of a society and I think that is why I love it so much. Because behind a mini skirt or a burqa there's a human being, trying to express something that can be very beautiful and powerful. With all this "headscarf issue" in the world, this postulate is true more than never. My first country is afraid of it and forces you to put it off when the second one obliges every women, Muslims or not, to wear it. Should I be schizophrenic? 

Well, here is how I found myself in the Middle East, trying to find Ali baba or the Genie. 

PS: Yallah is my new favorite Arabic word. I don't know if I use it well (basically for everything) but it's sounds super familiar and easy to adopt!