Friday Brunch at Al Maeda

Usually in Paris I was found of Sunday brunch. We used to go with my friends to our favorite places in our neighborhood and enjoyed the delight of a relaxing day with a comforting bowl of french fries and Benedict eggs.
But in Dubaï everyone told me that it's not a relaxing moment but an after (or Before depends on the plan) party. So I was a little sceptical about going to one of them.

First impression of the restaurant:
The interior decoration is awesome. Not too cheesy and feels very authentic.There is a great light and the tables are quite separated.
Second good surprise: the buffet. Usually I am not a big fan of buffet because quantity doesn't fit with quality but someone behind the plates inside the open kitchen gave me confidence. The Arabic mama cooking and taking care of the recipes. It automatically puts me in a traditional and authentic good middle East vibe.
We had a great moment between the food which was super good and the service that was above reproach!

Also the "cherry on the cake" was the all day access to the Pool of the Double three Hilton Hotel.
To add on the to-do list in Dubai!