Tehran with a Finnish doll

It was decided the day before, or maybe I should say the night before. We were out for some drinks with my friends Julia and Tukka from Finland. I told them I was going to Tehran for the Eid Break and they should come with me instead of staying in Dubaï. In a minute, we booked tickets for Julia. Two baby blondes in the plane, excited about the adventure (for me the adventure was the act of bringing a foreign friend to Iran for the first time, and trust me it's super challenging!).I bring her basically to the most famous, cultural and traditional places of Tehran: In two days, we hike the Alborz mountains untill Palangchal at 3AM, we visited Golestan palace, Negarestan garden,Niavaran Palace, Tadjrish Bazar, Dr Essabi Museum, Cinema Museum. We eat Saffron ice-cream, Kabab Koubideh, Khorechteh karafss and drink perisan tea with dates. From Golestan Palace to the Bazaar Tadjrish (also called Chemroune) here is our journey.