Saturday Brunch at Vesna


Vesna is located in Conrad Hotel next to Trade Center.

The Brunch started at 1PM and we had a delicious time there. I don't know which part was the best, the delicious red king crab, the oysters bar or the Champagne Rosé? Oh maybe it was the vodka shots that make us feel like we really were in Moscow! Everything in a dark kind of mysterious, quiet and bewitching ambiance! The gorgeous singer also helps you feeling cosy, she interprets hits like Rihanna and Beyonce with her own tones and switch sometimes with Russian songs! 

From the starters (Salmon tartare made just in front of you!) to the sweet pastries (bread with cream cheese inside) you really spoil your taste buds and belly!

Everything is fresh and yummy ( proof: I had too much and felt chubby the all day!)

Here are some pictures of this afternoon