Saturday Brunch at Vesna


Vesna is located in Conrad Hotel next to Trade Center.

The Brunch started at 1PM and we had a delicious time there. I don't know which part was the best, the delicious red king crab, the oysters bar or the Champagne Rosé? Oh maybe it was the vodka shots that make us feel like we really were in Moscow! Everything in a dark kind of mysterious, quiet and bewitching ambiance! The gorgeous singer also helps you feeling cosy, she interprets hits like Rihanna and Beyonce with her own tones and switch sometimes with Russian songs! 

From the starters (Salmon tartare made just in front of you!) to the sweet pastries (bread with cream cheese inside) you really spoil your taste buds and belly!

Everything is fresh and yummy ( proof: I had too much and felt chubby the all day!)

Here are some pictures of this afternoon 


Coffee Break at Café Rider



Café Rider is located in Al Quoz. This place makes you dream of having a sexy biker for partner and learning more about these machines that make a lot of noise and remind us of Brigitte Bardot iconic rider style. They have corner shops with sunglasses, t-shirts and cool men's stuff.  I ordered the McQueen Cider coffee which is the most refreshing beverage I have ever tried! Plus, asking for a (Steve) McQueen is super chic. Here is the receipe: Apple juice, Caramel, ginger, cinnamon blendes with ice, with double express on top! MIAM 



Afternoon at Al Serkal Avenue


This hub in Al Quoz is the place Dubai needed. A cultural and artistic concept that help me forget about the fancy Dubaï. Between creative clothes shops, art galleries and healthy relaxing bar/co-working spaces this area is my new favorite weekend ritual. Art, Design, Fashion, Films, Music, that 's an oriental paradise for creative minds.


A day in Abu Dhabi

Right Picture by Nastasia Dusapin

Visiting the World famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque was on my Middle East to see list since a long time. Thanks to Nastasia and Maxime I was able to visit what I always saw as being the Aladdin Palace of my dreams. We took a cab from IBN Battuta Metro Station for 40 dirhams per person and they bring us in front of the Mosque. We spend the half day in the Capital city of the Emirates and it felt very pleasant and different from Dubaï. After the Mosque we had only few hours to spent in Abu Dhabi so we decided to see the sunset from Yas Beach.  Here is our Journey <3



Coffee time at Intersect DIFC


I live in DIFC. So after 3 months in the area I thought I knew every restaurants of the gates. My friend Niki show me that there is always a secret place you can discover later. She brings me to Intersect. Coffee specialist and Taschen books  lovers. Also the Toilets part is a must see!


Wild and the Moon-Dubaï



I was so happy when I found that we also have the famous Parisian healthy bar in Dubaï. The Emirati concept bar is also based on the belief that food should be good for you, for the planet but above all delicious. But what they did in Al Serkal near Al Quoz is amazing. They have two spots next to each other. One is the traditional bar, and the other one is a little paradise for freelancers, co-working meetings, readers, relaxing time lovers and curious people like me that love finding new hot spots.  This place is good for the eyes and the mind. 


Lunch at Mythos Dubaï



If instagram has a beautiful purpose in my new life in Dubaï,  it is making me discover atypical places that are different from malls and other usual buildings. Since two weeks Mythos was on my to do list. The first thing that I noticed was the calm and "local" playlist (nice to forget about hit music 2016) and the brightness of the place. Mythos is not only taking you to Mykonos with its design, but mostly with its super good food. Recommendations: The grills, the Greek fries and the Dakos Salad-Creytan Barley Rusk a traditional healthy meal.



Tehran with a Finnish doll

It was decided the day before, or maybe I should say the night before. We were out for some drinks with my friends Julia and Tukka from Finland. I told them I was going to Tehran for the Eid Break and they should come with me instead of staying in Dubaï. In a minute, we booked tickets for Julia. Two baby blondes in the plane, excited about the adventure (for me the adventure was the act of bringing a foreign friend to Iran for the first time, and trust me it's super challenging!).I bring her basically to the most famous, cultural and traditional places of Tehran: In two days, we hike the Alborz mountains untill Palangchal at 3AM, we visited Golestan palace, Negarestan garden,Niavaran Palace, Tadjrish Bazar, Dr Essabi Museum, Cinema Museum. We eat Saffron ice-cream, Kabab Koubideh, Khorechteh karafss and drink perisan tea with dates. From Golestan Palace to the Bazaar Tadjrish (also called Chemroune) here is our journey.

Friday Brunch at Al Maeda

Usually in Paris I was found of Sunday brunch. We used to go with my friends to our favorite places in our neighborhood and enjoyed the delight of a relaxing day with a comforting bowl of french fries and Benedict eggs.
But in Dubaï everyone told me that it's not a relaxing moment but an after (or Before depends on the plan) party. So I was a little sceptical about going to one of them.

First impression of the restaurant:
The interior decoration is awesome. Not too cheesy and feels very authentic.There is a great light and the tables are quite separated.
Second good surprise: the buffet. Usually I am not a big fan of buffet because quantity doesn't fit with quality but someone behind the plates inside the open kitchen gave me confidence. The Arabic mama cooking and taking care of the recipes. It automatically puts me in a traditional and authentic good middle East vibe.
We had a great moment between the food which was super good and the service that was above reproach!

Also the "cherry on the cake" was the all day access to the Pool of the Double three Hilton Hotel.
To add on the to-do list in Dubai!

Moving to the Middle East - Yallah

I never thought I would move to the Middle East. I loved too much being close to my family and friends and the idea of being far from them sounded just awful to me. But then I had the desire to move my routine. At 25 we want to change the world and we want to do it now. We are impatient and super optimist (even if we complain a lot). Maybe a little too much. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. And guess what? It's fucking harder than I thought. But in the same time It allows me to work for myself and I started giving more sense to my work and daily life.

Mum is French, Dad is Persian so after 26 years in France I wanted to experience the Orientalism part of me. I hate Politics and the only thing that I know is Fashion. In a world directed by Images, appearance and the time passing faster and faster, it's important to not get lost and stay on the earth. I have always heard that Fashion is the mirror of a society and I think that is why I love it so much. Because behind a mini skirt or a burqa there's a human being, trying to express something that can be very beautiful and powerful. With all this "headscarf issue" in the world, this postulate is true more than never. My first country is afraid of it and forces you to put it off when the second one obliges every women, Muslims or not, to wear it. Should I be schizophrenic? 

Well, here is how I found myself in the Middle East, trying to find Ali baba or the Genie. 

PS: Yallah is my new favorite Arabic word. I don't know if I use it well (basically for everything) but it's sounds super familiar and easy to adopt!