The Rûmi Series N°18- Drama Arabia and unknown Iran

If you are not living in the Middle East or don't follow BOF, you probably didn't get the Arabic drama that happened last week. After two issues of Vogue Arabia Princess Deena of Saudi was apparently "fired" by the International and so famous Vogue. She is apparently replaced by a man ( first thing to notice: In a Middle East region is it smart to replace such a charismatic woman with a man even if he is as good as her I think it doesn't send the right message to women's in the region.) and clarified the situation by mentioning the cultural opposition she had with Vogue leadership. 

OK. She is a Saudi Princess , I am Persian but I fucking love her courage to do this. Even if she was a bit to 80's and 90's for me, she did what nobody else was able to handle before! As a Middle East woman I was so proud that we had our own issue. Even if it's Arabia not Middle East and she didn't mention Iran properly in any article , at least she worked with  Farnoush Tavakolian as one of her main model who is a proud Persian and one of the best ambassador of our country! 

So what about Iran in the Middle East media? The magazine that had always give a place to the land of Persepolis is Harper's  Bazaar Arabia. I saw a lot of good and positive message from the editors regarding Art, Design, even fashion and beauty. But unless this one I have to say that I don't feel my second country has a voice in this Arabia lifestyle. Neither Vogue nor Citizen K  or Elle have ever bring light on something interesting that happened in Iran. And its not because there is nothing to say! I would actually say there is too much to talk about and maybe that's the reason why they cant decide! ( LOL) 

VICE will save me! Recently my friend Naomi gave me the best news towards Iran's visibility. Vice just open in the Middle East and who better than them will be able to give a voice to Iran? 

And if you don't have inspiration here are some subject that can be highlighted fellow journalists: Fashion house in Tehran, Concept stores are blooming , young and talented architecture is bringing freshness to Tehran, the best coffee shop in Tehran, In a daily routine of a 20's girl in Iran, Electronic music concert are now allowed and so much moooooore.....

Can't wait to read you guys!

Booss Booss

Photography/ Claire Stafford, bag Blooming dreamer, top rouje