The Rûmi Series N°16 - The future is female and youth

The future is female, We should all be feminist, These are recurrent sentences you ear these days..But is it really working? Fashion, medias, public figures, there are so many people expressing their voice to protect women's rights, immigrants' ones.. but I feel that the other party is not going to be reduced. The one that thinks abortion is not a right or a choice, those who think my mum's life is more important than my dad's one. I feel that in 2017 nothing is permanent and acquired. When I look at the mess in the world, in my two countries,France and Iran, the most powerful messages, lights and feelings of hope that are brought to me by the internet come from either women or youth. In some month also, I will have to vote in my two countries to elect a new president, in France and in Iran. I never liked politic and never really wanted to vote unless someone was motivating me. But today, regarding what is going on I feel that I have to do my citizen's duty more than ever before. The sad ironical part is that in my both countries the conservative parties are presumed to win. Do you remember your history books in high school and the feeling you had when learning about history? We all thought "This is never going to happen again." War, racism, women's rights.. so many fights were done for us, to give us rights and freedom and I can't accept the fact that it can be brought from us one day just because we didn't realize that this situation and those rights are fragile and weak. I don't feel I am still young, at 27 I might have pass to the other side, the "young adult" side but not youth anymore. I think of this girl Malala, this woman that killed 100 terrorists, these Saudi women that film themselves skating in Niqab in the streets, these Americans that are pushing the American dream always further, rising their voices and protesting in the streets like no other,  these Persians women that represent 60% of the student at university in Iran, the french ones that are the most sexy, bold and provocative...I will vote. Because I try to be optimist and will focus on that youth and the women that are beautiful and worth it.