The Rûmi Series N°15 - I am banned from the US

My name is Parysatis Peymani, born and raised in Paris with a dual nationality French-Persian. I was baptize by the monk (Père Toutlemonde)  that used to be the director of Tehran's chrisitan school for boys called Lycée St Louis where my dad learn how to read and became a boy then a man.  I've traveled the world, the US, Europe, Asia.. and a lot in Iran; During childhood I spent my summer holidays there and used to live 6 months there last year. My father is a fellow french born in Iran while my mother is French with Ukrainian origin. My father came in France in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution. At that time France and the US were supporting the religious imam Khomeini instead of the monarch and laic Pahlavi, Shah of Iran. From 1979 my father has never been a better french than any of us. He creates jobs and employs 100% french, immigrants and whoever is willing to work. He earns money in and for France. At the same time my aunt preferred the US and San Francisco rather than Paris. She was graduated from the prestigious Berkley and is now the best Doctor in Chiropractic in California ( No kidding!)! She leaves there since her 15 years old. She knows nothing else but the American way of life. She is the proudest Yankee I know!  My Iranian grandfather  graduated from the well-known Maison Alfort in France and was the kindest veterinarian and person I've known. My grandmother is a Parisian lover who used to teach french in the french school in Tehran called Jeanne d'Arc where Christians nuns were ruling and managing the institution.

Do I look like a danger? Does my dad look like a terrible muslim terrorist? I am a blond green eyes young woman who for the first time in her life experience true fascism and racism. Because of my appearance and my dual nationality I used to feel protected by the other part of myself. The French one that is as important as the Persian one.  I really don't give a shit for myself. I never loved the US so much and I never wanted to visit more ( already been there maybe 10 times because of family and relatives). BUT I couldn't stop my tears when thinking of all the lives that this stupid and fucking guy is ruining right now. There are mothers, fathers, families divided because of him.

Persians are the kindest people I know, you can ask anyone who has travel there they will tell you that they experience a wonderful journey. An American visitor once said: "For the first time of my life I realize what hospitality really is and means when I visited Iran"

I don't want to go to political and show you how and why this is happening. I think some medias do their job pretty well. Showing clear maps and financial numbers are sufficient to prove that this list is the most unfair ever. 

So to resume I am a catholic considered muslim in Iran ( Because of the Charia) that can not enter the US territory because of my blood and family. Well what a time to be Persian or Muslim! Are we the new Jews?!


I will conclude with some "moral" words by our genius Rûmi: 

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there"

Pictures by Aida Tabrizi

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