The Rûmi Series N°14/ Yes, I am superstitious!

No N°13

It's been a whiiiiiiiiiile! 

But Xmas+ Back to school+ work = all my bad excuses to let this website alone!

It's crazy how my style changes from one city to another. The moment I touch down in Paris I felt that I found my Parisian soul back. It's very funny how impossible it is for me to dress in Dubai the way I dressed for 25 years in France. When I am in Dubai I feel like my wardrobe is empty of cool stuff. But when I open my french dressing it was like every knits and jeans were perfect! Is it because of the weather? I am definitively not used to dress for summer 350 days a year! Is it because I am really more "minimal" than "Glitter" and high heels style? The thing is it was so simple for me to dress in France. I think my (fake) furs are such a great basic for winter that you don't need other accessory! It's the same for this jean coat! It speaks for itself and protects you from the coldest day! Does the city wear you live influence that much your style? Or is it just the people around? The weather? Maybe my age is also a reason to this "style evolution".  Have you ever felt this way? 

Pictures: Christopher Slagadhino

Top: vintage, Jeans: levis, Shoes: Tod's, Jacket: Bershka, Bag: Chanel

Parisian Appartment: Beldy Paris