The Rûmi Series N°5


Robin: You souldn't say " Sorry for this" regarding the plastic surgery in Iran. French women are so ashamed of it, it doesn't make sense, I find it quite cool as it's assumed here in the region.. 

Parys: Ahaha you are right

Robin: In a region where your hair and parts of your body are often covered and relations between men and women are not as easy and open as in Europe, it gives a lot of pressure to your face to define who you are. It can be seen as superficial but your face really define you... your nose, lips or eyes can send a strong message. 

Parys: Yes I agree! Maybe I think too much as a French...Being as natural as possible is such a strong statement in Paris..

Robin: Let's not forget that you never see teenage girls hanging out with teenage boys in the mall. Girls are with girls, boys are with boys. The contact is the eyes and the phones! 

Parys: But you know in Iran, having your nose rebuilt, it's more than attracting the opposite sex,  it's a social issue.

Robin: Interesting,  in which way? 

Parys: It is a real trend and this is seen as a must do if you are some kind of cool! Formerly practiced by upper classes, now totally popularized.

Robin: A need for affiliation?

Parys: Yes exactly!

Robin: You've got your YSL Tribute, Rolex Datejust and Chanel Boy... and now, Iranians have their straight nose!

Parys: I think they have figured out how to get out of the box, but in another hand it also represents all the pressure people put on themselves to be perfect, or looking like a serie in a magazine..

Robin: It's like the boom of Chinese asking for Western eyes surgery...

Parys: Yes, each country has its own beauty standards! We can contrast plastic surgery with Facetune application which is super popular among western fashion bloggers!



Pictures by Anna Nielsen ! 

Last week I posted some points on Iranian women's behaviour. One of them was "  Nose surgery has a social meaning and they are very proud of their fake noses.  Iran has the second highest rate of plastic surgery in the Middle East (sorry for this) "

Here is a conversation that I had with Robin who is living in Dubai regarding the importance of appearance in the Middle East Vs the French shame towards plastic surgery and make-up.

Pants: All Things Mochi, Boots: Topshop ME (Dubai Mall), Headscarf: Killiwatch in Paris, Top: H&M Studio, Bag: vintage, Black velvet long shirt: home made