The Rûmi Series N°4

At the end it's all about being proud of who you are and where you come from.

7 points you don't know about Iranian Women

1) Iranian women represent 65% of the students at university 

2) They fight for their passion. For example they have just received the permission to compete at international motocross races just like men after uphill battles.. One of the most famous is Behnaz Shafiei and is incredibly talented! Her Instagram

3) 17 women have been elected at the Iranian Parliament in 2016

4) Iranian women have the right to drive cars, do (almost) any work (almost!) 

5) Nose surgery has a social meaning and they are very proud of their fake noses.  Iran has the second highest rate of plastic surgery in the Middle East (sorry for this) 

6) A woman newly-elected reformist member of the parliament, Parvaneh Salahshouri promotes the freedom of choice and suggested in an interview that forced hijab will probably end in the future (she said hum hum will see)

7) A study shows that in average Iranian women use 12 mascaras, 36 lip glosses and 23 bottles of perfume each year

Pants, Earrings and choker: All things Mochi. 

Coat: Azureir

Sandals: Topshop

Scarf and bag: Vintage

All pictures by Anna Nielsen