The Rûmi series N°2


Pictures by Anna Nielsen

50 shades of Iran -

Technically every woman, Christian, Western, Muslim or Asian has to wear a headscarf in Iran. If I started these series, It's also to share the fascinating shades of what is allowed both for tourists and locals in Iran. 

 Even if I saw a lot of Asian women wearing t-shirt with hats or a little headband in Iran, I won't recommand it as it's a little too "light". The minimum a tourist has to wear is a headscarf and a shirt that covers your lower back with mid-sleeves. 7/8 pants and sandals are also tolerated for tourists.




White Victorian "Manto" (persian name for summer coats) and gold headscarf.

Headscarf: TATI ( which just opens in Iran), Coat: Home made, Necklaces: Kei Jewellery, Short: Studio Mazé, Pants: Topshop, Bag: Loulou de Saison, Shoes: H&M Studio, White T-Shirt: Forever 21, Black T-shirt: Home made, Lipstick: Chanel