France Vs Middle East - Beauty standards


Being French and having worked in Paris fashion industry makes you super confident when it comes to defining what is fashion or beauty standards.  I thought that this worldwide french "je ne sais quoi" beauty routine was attested as a must do. But since I moved to the Middle East, I figure out that what I thought being every chic women's guidelines for beauty weren't the same as mine, at all! 

 I guess this is one of the good thing of moving from one continent to another. Your behaviour and habits are altered and then you start thinking in another way. Maybe it's ok to have a blow dry? Or maybe it's chic to put lipstick and blush at the same time? Basically the French make-up guide is being as natural as possible. If you put foundation,it has to be hidden. The only thing that can be exaggerated is the famous red lips. Not too much mascara,not too much khol... I never saw one of my friend with a blow dry. A lot of them use the "home-made braids with wet hair during the night" solution.

Every single woman has her own tastes and therefore her own beauty standards and the diversity of beauty is exactly the most important point of this subject. Also depending on your ethnical and living background. As a half-persian I am used to this "too much" make-up look. I remember the persian "mehmoony" (parties) since I first entered Iran in 1993. All the women were SO chic (universally chic), SO beautiful and SO well prepared.  They didn't know that they all inspired me for my whole life and helped building my character. I am probably super french when it comes to everyday beauty practices but I am definitively Persian when it's about a party preparation. Proof: As a persian I never go out at night without high-heels and as a French I would never start contouring (Never say never?!).