The Rûmi Series N°10 - Apadana Paris

Persian Inspiration for a french label. My T-shirt story
APADANA, young fashion label from Paris is at first and above all a Reflection:

Reflection of the Iranian origins of his creator because by the prism of the Persian history of civilization, the collections of Apadana (originally throne room of the Persian palaces) drew it graphic references, colors and singular esthetics.

Reflection of its creator’s philosophy who, against the current events setting the East and the West, chose to bet on the confrontation of both worlds to mix them better. The antique motives and the photos of the Persian "Belle Epoque" are merged with the current codes of the urban Fashion.

Creative and demanding, Apadana chose a 100 % French manufacturing and a quality sourcing with materials from Japan to elaborate its crewnecks.

Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Adidas Mena Gazelle, T-shirt Apadana, headscarf, belt and bag: Parfois