The Rûmi Series N°8 - Autumn w/ Adidas and Believe

Skirt and Shirt : Believe E, Scarf: Iran, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Ingi Bag

All pictures by Aida Tabrizi (site here) It was a very great experience at Fashion Forward in D3 (Dubai Design District). I have attended some shows and my oscar goes to BEDOUIN. Not only for her incredible taste of elegance nor her minimalistic chicness but for everything from the fabrics to the forms. To me she mixes perfectly East and West. Ruffles and adidas stan smith, Colors everywhere, satin and silk. Hair and Make-up that you wish you had for your evenings. You can buy BEDOUIN on in France! 

The weather is finally more fresh in Dubai and allows me to wear all the autumn/winter pieces of the season. It's not a secret the mid "plissée" skirt (choose it gold or silver) is on every fashionista. BUT this one from Believe is in lurex and gives you this sense of having a big autumn piece on you. Believe E offers to big cities a warm wind from the south. Summer or winter, autumn as in spring, Believe E provides key pieces of the season that you will find on