The Rûmi Series N°6 w/ Parfois

Today I want to talk about a very cool cool cool brand! I used to buy Parfois (site here)  in  Paris since 2014 mainly because I discovered it at Gare de L'Est (train station that connects Paris to my parent's town Strasbourg which is near Germany) and because I am always 30 min early when it comes to travel, I love doing a little shopping to pass the time! 

And now I am so happy to find them in Dubai and .... in TEHRAN! 

Their insight for this collection is... HOME

But Home. What does that mean? Is it a place, Is it a building? Is it about the people? Is it about the senses?Why is it that sometimes we feel at home in places we'e never been before? Maybe is that feeling of belonging somewhere.Or maybe home is just a feeling, a place inside.

I can't be more close to this statement at this moment of my life! When I meet people here in Dubai they are all so proud of calling DUBAI HOME... and it's a little tricky cause I felt that I haven't the right to call Dubai Home because I am very new (4 months!)! For sure I feel like Paris is home for me but at the same time I really really consider Dubai as my new lover. I discover it from North to South and (thanks to social Media) I am more aware of some restaurants' openings or cool art exhibitions than people living here for 3 years! Back in January I felt Tehran was Home! So as a half Persian half French, who is truly fascinated by every lines of the Middle East and every corners of Paris I sincerely feel that I can call PARIS TEHRAN DUBAI - HOME <3

Maybe it is also because of the people. I miss so much my crew in Paris that I know for 10 years, my new but truly sincere Tehrany friends and now I meet amazing people everyday in this strange but so special and warm city that is Dubai.

And you? What is Home to you?

Jeans: Levis, Shirt: COS, Shoes, scarf, bracelet, earrings, bag,chokers,fan : PARFOIS (FRANCE, UAE, IRAN among others)