The Rûmi Series N°7 w/ Adidas Originals


All Pictures taken by Aida Tabrizi (Website here

The Gazelle model from Adidas is one of my favorite sneakers. Even if it not super popular to wear sneakers as a fashion accessory in Dubai I am quite sure people will agree that the Gazelle are one of the most fashionable ones

First released in 1966, what first began as a performance-oriented training sneaker has superseded its initial purpose to become an iconic silhouette, emerging every decade and touching upon almost every major subculture to become a truly timeless icon.

 Now, following the phenomenal success of the Stan Smith, adidas is looking to revitalize the Gazelle as its next retro bestseller — this much seems likely, given the sneaker’s simple yet characterful design that has allowed it to be co-opted by so many fringe cultural groups while being tied down by none. However, in this post-subcultural world of ours, it’s important to note the mark that disparate youth movements have left on the court sneaker in the past half-century, from Bob Marley to Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher. Below, we round up five of the most prominent groups to idolize the adidas Gazelle.

 This model really elevates your street style cred in the trendy, wear-everywhere style. Evolving the look while holding onto the vintage styles of adidas, the Gazelle collection is both innovative and nostalgic, and is representative of all fashion. 

Short: Studio Mazé, Bomber, Sneakers, Shirt: Adidas originals, Skirt: Zara, Headscarf: Vintage