The Rûmi Series N°19 - Election Time baby

Ok guys it's that moment in the history when you can make the difference and change your and the world's destiny. That time when your voice matter and you don't necessarily realize how important your choice is.

I will vote for Persian election after voting for the French ones. I will vote for a better world so it's always against the worst. I never vote because I like the program, that's sad but nowadays I feel that all the proposition are shit as fuck and you have to support the least worst candidate.  

The Rûmi Series N°18- Drama Arabia and unknown Iran

If you are not living in the Middle East or don't follow BOF, you probably didn't get the Arabic drama that happened last week. After two issues of Vogue Arabia Princess Deena of Saudi was apparently "fired" by the International and so famous Vogue. She is apparently replaced by a man ( first thing to notice: In a Middle East region is it smart to replace such a charismatic woman with a man even if he is as good as her I think it doesn't send the right message to women's in the region.) and clarified the situation by mentioning the cultural opposition she had with Vogue leadership. 

OK. She is a Saudi Princess , I am Persian but I fucking love her courage to do this. Even if she was a bit to 80's and 90's for me, she did what nobody else was able to handle before! As a Middle East woman I was so proud that we had our own issue. Even if it's Arabia not Middle East and she didn't mention Iran properly in any article , at least she worked with  Farnoush Tavakolian as one of her main model who is a proud Persian and one of the best ambassador of our country! 

So what about Iran in the Middle East media? The magazine that had always give a place to the land of Persepolis is Harper's  Bazaar Arabia. I saw a lot of good and positive message from the editors regarding Art, Design, even fashion and beauty. But unless this one I have to say that I don't feel my second country has a voice in this Arabia lifestyle. Neither Vogue nor Citizen K  or Elle have ever bring light on something interesting that happened in Iran. And its not because there is nothing to say! I would actually say there is too much to talk about and maybe that's the reason why they cant decide! ( LOL) 

VICE will save me! Recently my friend Naomi gave me the best news towards Iran's visibility. Vice just open in the Middle East and who better than them will be able to give a voice to Iran? 

And if you don't have inspiration here are some subject that can be highlighted fellow journalists: Fashion house in Tehran, Concept stores are blooming , young and talented architecture is bringing freshness to Tehran, the best coffee shop in Tehran, In a daily routine of a 20's girl in Iran, Electronic music concert are now allowed and so much moooooore.....

Can't wait to read you guys!

Booss Booss

Photography/ Claire Stafford, bag Blooming dreamer, top rouje


The Rûmi Series N°17 - French Beauty in The Middle East

Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur is Chanel’s cool and fun makeup collection for Spring 2017! The new, strong lip color, a mix between a lipstick and a lip liner, is designed for total freedom and boldness. For the brand playing with color is an art and I have to say that colors are one of my favorite thing in terms of aesthetics! As Chanel explains, these quirky new lip crayons are designed for ladies who are young at heart, and who dare to follow their own intuition and experiment with color.This lipsticks are for Cool kid and not to conform but relax beauty!

Pictures by Nick Baker

Video by

The Rûmi Series N°16 - The future is female and youth

The future is female, We should all be feminist, These are recurrent sentences you ear these days..But is it really working? Fashion, medias, public figures, there are so many people expressing their voice to protect women's rights, immigrants' ones.. but I feel that the other party is not going to be reduced. The one that thinks abortion is not a right or a choice, those who think my mum's life is more important than my dad's one. I feel that in 2017 nothing is permanent and acquired. When I look at the mess in the world, in my two countries,France and Iran, the most powerful messages, lights and feelings of hope that are brought to me by the internet come from either women or youth. In some month also, I will have to vote in my two countries to elect a new president, in France and in Iran. I never liked politic and never really wanted to vote unless someone was motivating me. But today, regarding what is going on I feel that I have to do my citizen's duty more than ever before. The sad ironical part is that in my both countries the conservative parties are presumed to win. Do you remember your history books in high school and the feeling you had when learning about history? We all thought "This is never going to happen again." War, racism, women's rights.. so many fights were done for us, to give us rights and freedom and I can't accept the fact that it can be brought from us one day just because we didn't realize that this situation and those rights are fragile and weak. I don't feel I am still young, at 27 I might have pass to the other side, the "young adult" side but not youth anymore. I think of this girl Malala, this woman that killed 100 terrorists, these Saudi women that film themselves skating in Niqab in the streets, these Americans that are pushing the American dream always further, rising their voices and protesting in the streets like no other,  these Persians women that represent 60% of the student at university in Iran, the french ones that are the most sexy, bold and provocative...I will vote. Because I try to be optimist and will focus on that youth and the women that are beautiful and worth it.


The Rûmi Series N°15 - I am banned from the US

My name is Parysatis Peymani, born and raised in Paris with a dual nationality French-Persian. I was baptize by the monk (Père Toutlemonde)  that used to be the director of Tehran's chrisitan school for boys called Lycée St Louis where my dad learn how to read and became a boy then a man.  I've traveled the world, the US, Europe, Asia.. and a lot in Iran; During childhood I spent my summer holidays there and used to live 6 months there last year. My father is a fellow french born in Iran while my mother is French with Ukrainian origin. My father came in France in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution. At that time France and the US were supporting the religious imam Khomeini instead of the monarch and laic Pahlavi, Shah of Iran. From 1979 my father has never been a better french than any of us. He creates jobs and employs 100% french, immigrants and whoever is willing to work. He earns money in and for France. At the same time my aunt preferred the US and San Francisco rather than Paris. She was graduated from the prestigious Berkley and is now the best Doctor in Chiropractic in California ( No kidding!)! She leaves there since her 15 years old. She knows nothing else but the American way of life. She is the proudest Yankee I know!  My Iranian grandfather  graduated from the well-known Maison Alfort in France and was the kindest veterinarian and person I've known. My grandmother is a Parisian lover who used to teach french in the french school in Tehran called Jeanne d'Arc where Christians nuns were ruling and managing the institution.

Do I look like a danger? Does my dad look like a terrible muslim terrorist? I am a blond green eyes young woman who for the first time in her life experience true fascism and racism. Because of my appearance and my dual nationality I used to feel protected by the other part of myself. The French one that is as important as the Persian one.  I really don't give a shit for myself. I never loved the US so much and I never wanted to visit more ( already been there maybe 10 times because of family and relatives). BUT I couldn't stop my tears when thinking of all the lives that this stupid and fucking guy is ruining right now. There are mothers, fathers, families divided because of him.

Persians are the kindest people I know, you can ask anyone who has travel there they will tell you that they experience a wonderful journey. An American visitor once said: "For the first time of my life I realize what hospitality really is and means when I visited Iran"

I don't want to go to political and show you how and why this is happening. I think some medias do their job pretty well. Showing clear maps and financial numbers are sufficient to prove that this list is the most unfair ever. 

So to resume I am a catholic considered muslim in Iran ( Because of the Charia) that can not enter the US territory because of my blood and family. Well what a time to be Persian or Muslim! Are we the new Jews?!


I will conclude with some "moral" words by our genius Rûmi: 

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there"

Pictures by Aida Tabrizi

Skirt: Iconic, Shoes: Jonak, Sweatshirt: Uniqlo, Scarf Parfois

The Rûmi Series N°14/ Yes, I am superstitious!

No N°13

It's been a whiiiiiiiiiile! 

But Xmas+ Back to school+ work = all my bad excuses to let this website alone!

It's crazy how my style changes from one city to another. The moment I touch down in Paris I felt that I found my Parisian soul back. It's very funny how impossible it is for me to dress in Dubai the way I dressed for 25 years in France. When I am in Dubai I feel like my wardrobe is empty of cool stuff. But when I open my french dressing it was like every knits and jeans were perfect! Is it because of the weather? I am definitively not used to dress for summer 350 days a year! Is it because I am really more "minimal" than "Glitter" and high heels style? The thing is it was so simple for me to dress in France. I think my (fake) furs are such a great basic for winter that you don't need other accessory! It's the same for this jean coat! It speaks for itself and protects you from the coldest day! Does the city wear you live influence that much your style? Or is it just the people around? The weather? Maybe my age is also a reason to this "style evolution".  Have you ever felt this way? 

Pictures: Christopher Slagadhino

Top: vintage, Jeans: levis, Shoes: Tod's, Jacket: Bershka, Bag: Chanel

Parisian Appartment: Beldy Paris 

The Rûmi Series N°10 - Apadana Paris

Persian Inspiration for a french label. My T-shirt story
APADANA, young fashion label from Paris is at first and above all a Reflection:

Reflection of the Iranian origins of his creator because by the prism of the Persian history of civilization, the collections of Apadana (originally throne room of the Persian palaces) drew it graphic references, colors and singular esthetics.

Reflection of its creator’s philosophy who, against the current events setting the East and the West, chose to bet on the confrontation of both worlds to mix them better. The antique motives and the photos of the Persian "Belle Epoque" are merged with the current codes of the urban Fashion.

Creative and demanding, Apadana chose a 100 % French manufacturing and a quality sourcing with materials from Japan to elaborate its crewnecks.

Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Adidas Mena Gazelle, T-shirt Apadana, headscarf, belt and bag: Parfois

The Rûmi Series N°9- The Italian Donna Inspiration

I always dream of Dolce&Gabbana's italian lifestyle.

The juicy sicily, the generous food of Napoli and the gorgeous cities like Roma or Firenze. Here is my interpretation for a French/Persian italian donna. It is all about blacks and white with a touch of gold. Something a little mystic? Yes probably as the whole Italy! BACI ! 

 In collaboration with Parfois open in Tehran,Dubai and Paris! All my cities <3


All pictures by Aida Tabrizi 

Scarf, Poncho, Bag, Necklace, Bracelet, ring, earrings: PARFOIS



The Rûmi Series N°8 - Autumn w/ Adidas and Believe

Skirt and Shirt : Believe E, Scarf: Iran, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Ingi Bag

All pictures by Aida Tabrizi (site here) It was a very great experience at Fashion Forward in D3 (Dubai Design District). I have attended some shows and my oscar goes to BEDOUIN. Not only for her incredible taste of elegance nor her minimalistic chicness but for everything from the fabrics to the forms. To me she mixes perfectly East and West. Ruffles and adidas stan smith, Colors everywhere, satin and silk. Hair and Make-up that you wish you had for your evenings. You can buy BEDOUIN on in France! 

The weather is finally more fresh in Dubai and allows me to wear all the autumn/winter pieces of the season. It's not a secret the mid "plissée" skirt (choose it gold or silver) is on every fashionista. BUT this one from Believe is in lurex and gives you this sense of having a big autumn piece on you. Believe E offers to big cities a warm wind from the south. Summer or winter, autumn as in spring, Believe E provides key pieces of the season that you will find on


The Rûmi Series N°7 w/ Adidas Originals


All Pictures taken by Aida Tabrizi (Website here

The Gazelle model from Adidas is one of my favorite sneakers. Even if it not super popular to wear sneakers as a fashion accessory in Dubai I am quite sure people will agree that the Gazelle are one of the most fashionable ones

First released in 1966, what first began as a performance-oriented training sneaker has superseded its initial purpose to become an iconic silhouette, emerging every decade and touching upon almost every major subculture to become a truly timeless icon.

 Now, following the phenomenal success of the Stan Smith, adidas is looking to revitalize the Gazelle as its next retro bestseller — this much seems likely, given the sneaker’s simple yet characterful design that has allowed it to be co-opted by so many fringe cultural groups while being tied down by none. However, in this post-subcultural world of ours, it’s important to note the mark that disparate youth movements have left on the court sneaker in the past half-century, from Bob Marley to Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher. Below, we round up five of the most prominent groups to idolize the adidas Gazelle.

 This model really elevates your street style cred in the trendy, wear-everywhere style. Evolving the look while holding onto the vintage styles of adidas, the Gazelle collection is both innovative and nostalgic, and is representative of all fashion. 

Short: Studio Mazé, Bomber, Sneakers, Shirt: Adidas originals, Skirt: Zara, Headscarf: Vintage

The Rûmi Series N°6 w/ Parfois

Today I want to talk about a very cool cool cool brand! I used to buy Parfois (site here)  in  Paris since 2014 mainly because I discovered it at Gare de L'Est (train station that connects Paris to my parent's town Strasbourg which is near Germany) and because I am always 30 min early when it comes to travel, I love doing a little shopping to pass the time! 

And now I am so happy to find them in Dubai and .... in TEHRAN! 

Their insight for this collection is... HOME

But Home. What does that mean? Is it a place, Is it a building? Is it about the people? Is it about the senses?Why is it that sometimes we feel at home in places we'e never been before? Maybe is that feeling of belonging somewhere.Or maybe home is just a feeling, a place inside.

I can't be more close to this statement at this moment of my life! When I meet people here in Dubai they are all so proud of calling DUBAI HOME... and it's a little tricky cause I felt that I haven't the right to call Dubai Home because I am very new (4 months!)! For sure I feel like Paris is home for me but at the same time I really really consider Dubai as my new lover. I discover it from North to South and (thanks to social Media) I am more aware of some restaurants' openings or cool art exhibitions than people living here for 3 years! Back in January I felt Tehran was Home! So as a half Persian half French, who is truly fascinated by every lines of the Middle East and every corners of Paris I sincerely feel that I can call PARIS TEHRAN DUBAI - HOME <3

Maybe it is also because of the people. I miss so much my crew in Paris that I know for 10 years, my new but truly sincere Tehrany friends and now I meet amazing people everyday in this strange but so special and warm city that is Dubai.

And you? What is Home to you?

Jeans: Levis, Shirt: COS, Shoes, scarf, bracelet, earrings, bag,chokers,fan : PARFOIS (FRANCE, UAE, IRAN among others)

The Rûmi Series N°5


Robin: You souldn't say " Sorry for this" regarding the plastic surgery in Iran. French women are so ashamed of it, it doesn't make sense, I find it quite cool as it's assumed here in the region.. 

Parys: Ahaha you are right

Robin: In a region where your hair and parts of your body are often covered and relations between men and women are not as easy and open as in Europe, it gives a lot of pressure to your face to define who you are. It can be seen as superficial but your face really define you... your nose, lips or eyes can send a strong message. 

Parys: Yes I agree! Maybe I think too much as a French...Being as natural as possible is such a strong statement in Paris..

Robin: Let's not forget that you never see teenage girls hanging out with teenage boys in the mall. Girls are with girls, boys are with boys. The contact is the eyes and the phones! 

Parys: But you know in Iran, having your nose rebuilt, it's more than attracting the opposite sex,  it's a social issue.

Robin: Interesting,  in which way? 

Parys: It is a real trend and this is seen as a must do if you are some kind of cool! Formerly practiced by upper classes, now totally popularized.

Robin: A need for affiliation?

Parys: Yes exactly!

Robin: You've got your YSL Tribute, Rolex Datejust and Chanel Boy... and now, Iranians have their straight nose!

Parys: I think they have figured out how to get out of the box, but in another hand it also represents all the pressure people put on themselves to be perfect, or looking like a serie in a magazine..

Robin: It's like the boom of Chinese asking for Western eyes surgery...

Parys: Yes, each country has its own beauty standards! We can contrast plastic surgery with Facetune application which is super popular among western fashion bloggers!



Pictures by Anna Nielsen ! 

Last week I posted some points on Iranian women's behaviour. One of them was "  Nose surgery has a social meaning and they are very proud of their fake noses.  Iran has the second highest rate of plastic surgery in the Middle East (sorry for this) "

Here is a conversation that I had with Robin who is living in Dubai regarding the importance of appearance in the Middle East Vs the French shame towards plastic surgery and make-up.

Pants: All Things Mochi, Boots: Topshop ME (Dubai Mall), Headscarf: Killiwatch in Paris, Top: H&M Studio, Bag: vintage, Black velvet long shirt: home made 

The Rûmi Series N°4

At the end it's all about being proud of who you are and where you come from.

7 points you don't know about Iranian Women

1) Iranian women represent 65% of the students at university 

2) They fight for their passion. For example they have just received the permission to compete at international motocross races just like men after uphill battles.. One of the most famous is Behnaz Shafiei and is incredibly talented! Her Instagram

3) 17 women have been elected at the Iranian Parliament in 2016

4) Iranian women have the right to drive cars, do (almost) any work (almost!) 

5) Nose surgery has a social meaning and they are very proud of their fake noses.  Iran has the second highest rate of plastic surgery in the Middle East (sorry for this) 

6) A woman newly-elected reformist member of the parliament, Parvaneh Salahshouri promotes the freedom of choice and suggested in an interview that forced hijab will probably end in the future (she said hum hum will see)

7) A study shows that in average Iranian women use 12 mascaras, 36 lip glosses and 23 bottles of perfume each year

Pants, Earrings and choker: All things Mochi. 

Coat: Azureir

Sandals: Topshop

Scarf and bag: Vintage

All pictures by Anna Nielsen

The Rûmi series N°2


Pictures by Anna Nielsen

50 shades of Iran -

Technically every woman, Christian, Western, Muslim or Asian has to wear a headscarf in Iran. If I started these series, It's also to share the fascinating shades of what is allowed both for tourists and locals in Iran. 

 Even if I saw a lot of Asian women wearing t-shirt with hats or a little headband in Iran, I won't recommand it as it's a little too "light". The minimum a tourist has to wear is a headscarf and a shirt that covers your lower back with mid-sleeves. 7/8 pants and sandals are also tolerated for tourists.




White Victorian "Manto" (persian name for summer coats) and gold headscarf.

Headscarf: TATI ( which just opens in Iran), Coat: Home made, Necklaces: Kei Jewellery, Short: Studio Mazé, Pants: Topshop, Bag: Loulou de Saison, Shoes: H&M Studio, White T-Shirt: Forever 21, Black T-shirt: Home made, Lipstick: Chanel